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6 Day Cello Mastery Course

June 22 to 27

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I have heard from so many of you! You have asked me about my Cello Mastery Course!  Well, It's happening and it's going to be fun, exciting, and packed with tools, skills and knowledge that you can take with you forever!


Who is this course for? It is for cellists of all levels. My goal is to help you to be a better cellist, and to play with more joy and more ease. During this Cello Mastery Course, we will meet everyday online for 2 hours.


The course is meant to be interactive and informative. In the first hour, I will teach a specific cello topic with exercises that we will all do together as a group. I will give you instant feedback and you can ask me questions LIVE!


In the second hour, it is more of a masterclass format. Some students may choose to play for me and I will give feedback. I will circle back to the topic of the day. We will end with a live Q & A with specific cello questions.  Be sure to come with all your cello questions!

I will also be doing some live performances for you. Do you have any cello music requests you want to hear?

Here are some of the topics that that we will explore in this 6-day Course:


1. Vibrato

2. Bow Control & Technique

3. Left Hand Technique

4. Intonation/Shifting

5. How To Have a Good Sound

6. Tension Release

7. Effective Practice Technique

If you are a student with a valid student ID, you can take the course for a discounted price (listed below). If you currently have financial difficulty, you can email me.  There are a couple of spots where I am able to provide financial aid.  

Please email me if you have any questions.

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